February 11th 2020 | Central London


The Skills Summit 2018

"Excellent opportunity to update knowledge and share thoughts on skills issues and to network with others within a skills setting."

Adult Skills Lead Officer

The Skills Summit 2018

"Good event, knowledgeable speakers and lots of varying topics covered."

Commissioner Employment & Skills

The Skills Summit

"I would definitely recommend the Summit. The stand staff have had good engagement with people from colleges and policy makers. There’s a really great range of sector stakeholders present at the summit."

Head of Public Affairs

The Skills Summit

"We’ve made some really good connections with leads to follow-on when we get back to the office. I would really recommend the Skills Summit and hope we’re back next year."

Marketing Promotions and Media Manager

The Skills Summit 

"The diversity of the delegates is what makes it really attractive. It helps us get the FE side of things but also lets us understand what employers are looking for and start a dialogue with them. To have that mix in a room, with an awarding body like us, is the perfect combination."

Business Development Manager